The Beggin Strips brand had been running the same creative for a period of close to 20 years, and needed to have some new life transfused into it. The brand needed something new and fresh. It needed to become culturally relevant, while retaining the personality of the brand.
Solution: Juan Millan, the dog enthusiast. Juan has been overshadowed by a famous older brother who “whispers” to dogs for too long. Juan’s also has the family talent for talking to dogs. After growing up with The Dog Whisperer, Juan has decided it is time step out of the shadow of his brother with his own approach to dog training. Cesar may be the leader of the pack, but Juan is the life of the party. Juan knows that, dogs just want to have fun. And he has partnered with Beggin Strips to make sure they do.

Purina Beggin Strips promo – “Juan Milan” campaign and video

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